It’s a Wrap

When I had my Eldorado Brougham I wrapped the front exhaust pipes with fibre glass tape to help reduce the heat transfer through the front floor.  It definitely made a difference, and as a bonus it reduced the exhaust intrusion from the front.

I bought some more tape with one of the exhaust part orders with a plan to do the same thing.  I decided it was about time that I installed it on the front pipes to get the same benefit.  It is a bit of a juggle doing this lying under the car, but some patience and persistence got things moving along.  The first time I did this I wet the fibre glass tape before wrapping it – I should have done this again as it was not as flexible when dry.

IMG_3665  IMG_3666

Once I had the tape tightly wrapped and retained with some steel zip ties I sprayed it with some exhaust paint.  This is not to make it look good but rather to lock the fibres in place so it holds its shape and resists fraying.  A couple of the steel zip ties didn’t hold as tightly as I would like so I might end up replacing them with a hose clamp…..I will drive it a couple of times and see how it goes.

IMG_3667  IMG_3668



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