Steering Wheel Restoration Part 2

The steering wheel hung in the shed for a week to make sure it was dry.  That means it is now time to fill in the grooves and channels I cut out last week.

The filler I will be using is made by KBS coatings, and is called NuMETAL.  It is a 2 part epoxy putty and adhesive which sets rock hard.  It can be sanded and drilled once cured.  As per the data sheet, I found the best way to combine it was to roll it out in a line and then fold it back together repeatedly (wearing gloves).  Work time when mixed is about 30 minutes.

img_3841 img_3842

The first batch I mixed was a little bigger than I meant, so I knew that I would most likely not get it all in before it started to harden.  I worked it into the grooves to make sure it filled the cavities completely.  One of the cool things with NuMETAL is that you can smooth it quite easily if you wet your fingers.

img_3843 img_3844 img_3845

After filling the grooves I moved focus to the 4 chrome rings.  I know they are going to take a little more detail work to make sure they don’t get damaged.  I coverd each metal ring with masking tape to prevent the epoxy putty sticking to them.

img_3846 img_3847

Once done, I kneaded some more putty and started pushing it into the grooves.

img_3848 img_3849

It all looks a bit messy, but I am trusting that once I start sanding it will start looking better.  I was careful to make sure there was no epoxy over the masking tape.  After working around the 4 rings, the wheel was done.


All that was left to do was hang it up in the shed to cure.  The NuMETAL instructions suggest that the putty is cured in 12 hours, however I will let it sit longer just to make sure.

….stay tuned!


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