Hands on the Wheel….

The boys at Bentleigh Garage painted the steering wheel for me.

They matched the turquoise to the original plastic at the top and bottom sections, and I had them paint the side sections black.  The results look pretty sharp!

img_3913 img_3915 img_3916

With regards to the steering wheel orientation, I have a brochure shot and an image from the 1959 accessory brochure (below) which show the small area is at the top.


Should it be the small or large area at the top??

The repaired six way seat control switches now work absolutely perfectly.  The car is not a whole lot quieter after adding the extra under carpet heat and sound insulation, but it is still noticeable.


5 thoughts on “Hands on the Wheel….

  1. Nice 🙂 just one thing…the steering wheel is mounted wrong. the “bigger blue” shall be upwards, and so the cadillac crest at middle of steering wheel.


    1. I am totally confused now! I have images in the brochure and also accessory brochure which show the small blue at the top. I have added a picture to my post so you can see the image from the accessory brochure. Are you sure it should be the big blue at the top?


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