Fuel Pump Thermal Management

When the car was in for the dyno tune, the mechanic commented on the location of the fuel pump.  He was concerned that it would get too warm.  I am pretty confident that it is far enough away from the pipe to avoid overheating (there is about 40mm clearance), however just to make sure I decided to insulate the pipe adjacent to the pump.  The image below was taken looking from the ground up towards the floor panel.

I purchased some fibreglass exhaust tape to do the job.  It came with 6 stainless steel zip ties to make sure the fibreglass tape stays in place.

After measuring out how much tape I would need, I wet it in a bucket of water.  I learnt this trick years ago – you wet the tape and then install it as tight as you can.  It shrinks a little when it does which gives a nice fit.

I wrapped the pipe from about 3 inches above the fuel pump to well below the pump where the pipe turns a corner towards the back of the car.  Given that I haven’t had any fuel temperature issues so far, this will give me a small insurance policy to ensure it doesn’t become an issue in the future.

To confirm it, next time I drive the car I might leave it idle for a couple of minutes and then climb under to see how warm the fuel pump is.



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