I have always been a petrol head.

When I was little, my older brothers were always tinkering with their cars, and I was always getting in on the action if I could.  I’m sure I was a pain in the butt most of the time.  The first engine I remember helping my oldest brother rebuild was the 308 Holden engine from his HQ Monaro.  That engine used to really sing.  A number of years later came a 454 Big Block (Chev), which went into his ’67 Impala.  I had never experienced grunt like that thing put out.  How could they fit so many horses into one engine?

I have always played with my own cars as well, however I had a company car for a number of years which pushed the urge underground a little, but it was always still there.

Eventually I couldn’t resist any more and began looking for a Cadillac.  My first Cad was a very rare 1960 Eldorado Brougham.  The body shape on this car was absolutely stunning, however I always wanted a ’59 Flat Top.  When the opportunity re-presented itself after having walked away from this car the first time, I wasn’t going to be silly enough to walk away again.

This car looks to have had quite a bit of work done to it.  The paint is new, and so is the interior – using genuine fabrics and leather.  I was also told that the transmission was rebuilt.  I can see that I am the third owner in Australia, however it has never been registered here.  The headlights are still US spec.  The guy I bought it from, an absolute gentleman, has some additional parts locked away in a container.  When he gets a chance to open the container he will pass everything on, however I don’t know what that includes.  I like surprises  😉


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